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my photos 
on photoforum.ru
  • This guy works at UMC and takes fantastic photos
  • AVG FREE Antiviral protection for your PC!
  • Been bit by a Spider?Better go here.
  • If you hit this at the right time you can get awesome deals.
  • oooh Spooky! EVP lessons.
  • Spooky search engine!
  • Want a pet but without the pet mess? Not the real thing... but...
  • Looks like a cool place to make your mark,

    Links of local (Tucson) interest

  • Restaraunts in Tucson
  • Haunted places in Arizona
  • Here is the closest state park to our house.
  • Arizona state parks and what they cost.
  • Those wacky scientists up the road keep their Biosphere going.
  • Discount Harley parts
  • AVA Amphitheater in Tucson
  • Now defunct UA medtech school. Bring em back.
  • Pima County Accessor. (See what anyone can find out about you.)
  • Find the cheapest gas in Tucson. Click the button when you are out of gas.


    Interesting links

    Need Internet on the go?:

  • WIFI HOTSPOTS... search for them.
  • Another WIFI search site. This one requires you to register.

  • Outdoors as enjoyed by two very different type of outdoorsman:

  • Hiking in grand style. Great pictures of places you don't usually see.
  • Off Roading. Great website. Interesting to observe. Not sure I would do it though.

  • For the Toxicologist Nerd, or the person who wants to understand a criminal subculture.:

  • The DEA website.
  • Humans and Psychoactives. Check the experience vaults to understand fully what these chemicals do to people.
  • Chemical/molecular structures.

  • My Laptop is a Toughbook. See why I love it.:

  • This is my laptop (minus the bullet).
  • My CF-M34 User Forum.
  • Parts for your panasonic products.
  • Must see links for those who travel on the open road:

  • RV Network Forum. RV folk help each other out. They also are brutal on sales people.
  • This guy lays out the Options for internet when on the road and compares.
  • Find out how the road is where you are going.
  • Find out how much to expect to pay for gas where you are going.
  • What is the weather like where you are going?
  • Find out campground info, and update your GPS.

  • Fun and information:

  • Do not call Registry.
  • Funny NCIS quotes. I think the writing in that show is top notch.
  • Ever want to swim like a dolphin? How about fly through water?

  • More miscellaneous stuff:

  • The largest collection of pointers, cursors, and icons that I know .
  • Or here for more Cursors
  • Want to know what other people know about you as you surf? Want anonymity??
  • Mugshots of the rich and famous
  • Gibson Research Freeware.
  • Babel Fish translates your web pages
  • Translation box for your website
  • Online training in Java
  • News for the Journalist in everybody
  • Ghost Stories that you may contribute to.
  • The Rock N Roll Hall of Shame
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • DVD Easter Eggs
  • Gibson Research. Test how your Firewall is doing.
  • Celebrities Ranting
  • Pathologist Ranting. Don't get everything from CSI reruns.
  • Hubble archive
  • Reverse Telephone Directories
  • Cool software links
  • Drivers you are missing.
  • Audiofind
  • Old school Vidoeo games on your new PC
  • Tools to build a web page like this.
  • News of the wierd
  • Online directories
  • Find that DVD for the cheapest price
  • Fascinating real Buried treasure story.
  • What easter eggs do your DVDs hold?
  • Jargon for those programmers on the dark side
  • What is EXIF and what does it have to do with digital cameras. Nice Software.
  • Drink the pain of watching all that CSI away.
  • For those that believe in the CONCEPT OF TRUTH
  • This Guy's has about EVERYTHING in the way of great free utilities!
  • What Inquiring minds want to know......

  • Hopefully as time permits I will get more stuff up here. See you soon!

    Personal Web Links

  • Roosevelt Grapevine Campsite just 123 miles from our house.
  • Sturgis 2001 as told from the back seat! Personal photos and stories from the road!!!!
  • The Sturgis 2002 journal!
  • Our (boy this is corny) dog pictures!
  • Some Dog photos
  • Yet more whatever of ours.
  • My Wedding.....featured on the travel channel!

  • Say hello to Kaylee and Kirby

    Other pages that I have been somehow involved in!

  • My mother's Virtual Art Gallery is now open, although changing
  • A Virtual Art Gallery by another fantastic Artist

  • Midi Downloads.Some karaoke! No reflection on my musical taste. Just impressive midi work

    By the way let me know if any of these links go down! Also, if you got something too cool for words let me know!

    Send email to mailto:thechig@worldnet.att.net if you like